Barsapara Cricket Stadium, Guwahati: Overview, Records, Stats, Matches, Modern Facilities & Stunning Architecture

Barsapara Cricket Stadium, Guwahati:- The Barsapara Cricket Stadium stands as a testament to the growing popularity of cricket in Northeast India. Also known as the Dr. Bhupen Hazarika Cricket Stadium, this modern marvel has swiftly become one of the premier cricketing venues in the country since its inauguration in 2017. Let’s delve into the overview, records, stats, matches, and the modern amenities that define this iconic stadium.

Barsapara Cricket Stadium

Cricket stands as the pinnacle of excitement and passion in India and worldwide. Once more, this assertion finds validation through the visionary efforts of the Assam Cricket Association, as they spearhead the creation of a modern, vibrant cricket stadium in Guwahati. Despite Guwahati’s renown for its fervor for football, this ambitious venture underscores the city’s evolving sports landscape.

Barsapara Cricket Stadium

Designed under the expertise of architects like Shahshi Prabhu, this stadium in Guwahati is set to redefine sporting infrastructure. Boasting a capacity of 50,000 spectators across four distinct stands, it marks a pioneering feat as India’s inaugural cricket venue built with structural steel framing and a unified steel decking system. This structural innovation isn’t merely about aesthetics; it’s a proactive measure against seismic activity, safeguarding against the region’s earthquake susceptibility.

The stadium’s north side features a comprehensive clubhouse, offering amenities ranging from bars and restaurants to badminton, squash, and tennis courts. Shashi Prabhu aptly describes it as the epitome of cool and elegance, integrating the latest facilities within its expansive confines. Beyond its cricketing prowess, the stadium caters to diverse needs, including a gym, indoor practice facilities, and even a swimming pool, ensuring a holistic sporting experience for enthusiasts and athletes alike.

Barsapara Cricket Stadium Overview

Article ForBarsapara Cricket Stadium, Guwahati: Overview, Records, Stats, Matches, Modern
Barsapara Cricket Stadium EstablishedOctober 10, 2017
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Records & Stats

Despite being relatively new on the international cricketing scene, the Barsapara Stadium has witnessed some remarkable moments and performances. The ground has hosted both One Day Internationals (ODIs) and Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is), providing a platform for cricketers to showcase their talent on the international stage.

  • Notable records include high-scoring encounters and thrilling finishes, making it a favorite among players and fans alike.
  • The pitch at Barsapara offers a good balance between bat and ball, encouraging competitive cricket while providing entertainment for spectators.


A rectangular playing area, known as the pitch, serves as the battleground for cricketing action. Positioned at the center of the field, it features wickets at each end.

Cricket Ground

Official matches are played on grass fields, typically circular with a diameter ranging from 68 to 70 meters, surpassing the dimensions of a baseball stadium to meet global standards for men’s sports. However, the size may vary depending on the level of the tournament and specific regulations.

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Marked by ropes and other delineations, the boundary line demarcates the playing area. A boundary hit along the ground scores four runs, while a boundary hit without the ball bouncing earns six runs.


Bowlers aim to dismiss batsmen by delivering the ball to knock down the wickets. A bowling spell, known as an over, consists of six consecutive deliveries aimed from one wicket to the other. If a bowler fails to bowl two consecutive overs, they switch ends and bowl from the opposite wicket in the subsequent over.


Batsmen are categorized as either striker or non-striker, depending on their position relative to the bowler’s end of the pitch. A batsman remains at the crease until they are dismissed, regardless of the number of unsuccessful attempts to connect with the ball.

Teams comprise eleven players each, competing on an oval-shaped pitch, alternating between batting and fielding.

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India’s Role in the 2011 Cricket World Cup

India, alongside Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, co-hosted the 2011 Cricket World Cup, assuming sole hosting responsibilities for the first time in twelve years. Besides England, India became the first nation to independently host the Cricket World Cup. The event was touted as an opportunity to showcase India’s national pride as the world’s fifth-largest economy, following China, and the most populous nation.

Record-breaking Viewership & Attendance

The 2011 Cricket World Cup shattered records in attendance and viewership, with over 1.25 million spectators in stadiums and 518 million viewers on Disney Plus Hotstar in India alone. The India vs. Pakistan match drew a global audience of 35 million viewers, while ticket prices soared from 499 rupees to 24,000 rupees.

The India vs. Australia match garnered a staggering 59 million viewers globally, achieving the highest in-progress viewership rating in the history of international sports broadcasting. Despite India’s defeat, CNN acknowledged the unmatched allure of cricket, with national matches commanding five times the viewership of the U.S. Super Bowl.

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Cricket’s Dominance in India & Global Appeal

Cricket reigns supreme in India, surpassing the popularity of baseball in the US, soccer in Europe and South America, and even cricket itself in South America. For Indians, cricket transcends mere sport, embodying a collective emotion that unites the nation across religious, ethnic, and socioeconomic divides.

Guwahati Barsapara Cricket Stadium: A Modern Marvel & IPL Venue

The Guwahati Barsapara Cricket Stadium stands as a testament to modern infrastructure and architectural brilliance, attracting cricket enthusiasts, concertgoers, and event organizers alike. Notably, it hosted the inaugural IPL home game for the Rajasthan Royals team, further solidifying its status as a premier cricketing venue.

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The Barsapara Cricket Stadium in Guwahati has rapidly emerged as a hub of cricketing excellence in Northeast India. With its modern facilities, rich cultural heritage, and passionate cricketing community, the stadium continues to attract top-tier cricketing events and remains a favorite destination for players and fans alike. As cricket continues to thrive in the region, Barsapara Stadium stands as a symbol of the growing influence of the sport in this part of the country.


Is Barsapara Stadium batting or bowling?

The Barsapara Cricket Stadium in Guwahati has gained renown for its batsman-friendly pitch, especially during white-ball cricket matches. The pitch provides minimal support to bowlers, thus presenting optimal conditions for batsmen to exhibit their prowess.

What is the pitch of Guwahati?

With a diameter spanning approximately 68 to 70 meters, the Barsapara Stadium facilitates hitting maximums and boundaries with relative ease. It's fair to characterize it as a batsman's haven, offering minimal support to bowlers.

When was Barsapara Cricket Stadium established?

The stadium was inaugurated on October 10, 2017, and has since become a prominent venue for cricket in the region.

What modern facilities are available at Barsapara Cricket Stadium?

The stadium features modern amenities, including high-quality pitch and outfield, electronic scoreboards, media facilities, and spectator services.

What are the notable features of Barsapara Cricket Stadium?

Barsapara Stadium boasts state-of-the-art amenities, including modern seating arrangements, spacious player facilities, and cutting-edge infrastructure.

What is Barsapara Cricket Stadium, Guwahati?

Barsapara Cricket Stadium, located in Guwahati, Assam, is a modern sports facility primarily dedicated to cricket matches.

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