OTT Full Form and Top OTT Platforms in India 2024: Plans, Prices, and Best Streaming Services

OTT Full Form and Top OTT Platforms in India 2024:- OTT platforms have surged in popularity in India and globally in recent months. Accessible on phones, tablets, laptops, and TVs, they offer a highly satisfying and time-efficient viewing experience. The market has experienced such significant growth in recent years that we can anticipate not only continued expansion of the OTT industry but also the emergence of numerous new competitors offering enhanced features and more affordable subscription plans.

Over-The-Top Platforms

OTT stands for Over The Top Platform, a term used to describe streaming services that deliver content directly to viewers via the internet, bypassing traditional cable or satellite television. In 2024, the top OTT platforms in India include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, and SonyLIV. These platforms offer a diverse range of content, from international blockbusters and TV shows to regional films and web series, catering to the varied preferences of the Indian audience. With advancements in technology and increasing internet penetration, OTT platforms have revolutionized the entertainment landscape, making on-demand content more accessible and personalized than ever before.

OTT Platforms

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OTT Platforms Overview 2024

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OTT Full FormOver The Top Platform
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OTT Full Form

OTT stands for Over The Top Platform.

What is the OTT Platform?

An OTT platform, which stands for Over-the-Top platform, delivers video and other digital media content via the internet. These platforms, available as apps on the Google Play Store, are offered by various companies, each with its own unique service. To access content on these OTT platforms, a subscription is required. Originating in America, OTT platforms gradually made their way to India, where their demand is now rapidly increasing.

OTT platforms are primarily used for video-on-demand services, audio streaming, OTT devices, VoIP calls, and communication channel messaging, among other digital media applications.

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Top OTT Platforms in India 2024, Plans & Prices

India offers hundreds of OTT services, but here are some of the top ones you should definitely check out:

OTT PlatformStarting Price
Disney+ HotstarRs 149 (3 months)
NetflixRs 149 (1 month)
Prime VideoRs 299 (1 month)
Zee5Rs 899 (12 months)
Sony LIVRs 299 (1 month)
Apple TV+Rs 99 (1 month)
Jio CinemaRs 999 (12 months)
MX PlayerRs 299 (3 months)

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Disney+ Hotstar

Despite its reduced prominence over the past year, Disney+ Hotstar remains one of the leading OTT streaming services in India. It is the exclusive provider of Marvel and Disney shows in the country, along with Hotstar specials and various other Hotstar channels. Below are the current plans for Disney+ Hotstar:

Disney+ Hotstar

Mobile3 monthsRs 149
12 monthsRs 499
Super3 monthsRs 299
12 monthsRs 899
Premium3 monthsRs 499
12 monthsRs 1,499


Netflix, headquartered in the United States, is a prominent OTT content provider known for its vast collection of original programming. In India, Netflix stands out as one of the most popular streaming services. Some of its most famous shows include Sacred Games, Wednesdays, and Stranger Things. Unlike other streaming services that incorporate advertisements, Netflix offers an ad-free experience across all its subscription plans. Below are the current subscription plans offered by Netflix:


Mobile1 monthRs 149
Basic1 monthRs 199
Standard1 monthRs 499
Premium1 monthRs 649

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Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is a subscription-based OTT service provided by Amazon. Renowned in India for offering some of the finest original web series like Mirzapur, The Family Man, Paatal Lok, and The Boys, Amazon Prime also boasts a wide selection of animated shows and children’s movies. Below are the subscription plans for Amazon Prime Video:

Prime Video

Monthly1 monthRs 299
Quarterly3 monthsRs 599
Yearly12 monthsRs 1,499


Zee5 stands as an Indian OTT platform, offering a steady stream of Hindi movies and shows. It serves as the hub for all Zee group channels and features web series from Alt Balaji as well. Zee5 distinguishes itself by providing video quality of up to 4k without any advertisements. Below are the subscription plans available for Zee5:


Premium HD12 monthsRs 899
Premium 4K12 monthsRs 1,199

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Sony LIV

Sony LIV operates as an OTT service provider, offering a range of content from Sony Channels. Additionally, it serves as the platform for several popular Hindi web series such as Rocket Man and Scam 1992. Sony LIV also provides live streaming of WWE, European football, La Liga, Champions League, and other sporting events featured on Sony TV channels within the sports genre. Below are the subscription plans available for Sony LIV:

Sony LIV

Mobile-only12 monthsRs 599
LIV Premium1 monthRs 299
6 monthsRs 699
12 monthsRs 999

Apple TV+

While Apple TV+ may not enjoy widespread fame in India, it holds a notable presence within certain circles. Particularly renowned are its shows like Ted Lasso and The Morning Show. However, its popularity is somewhat constrained due to the unavailability of the Apple TV+ app for Android and Windows users. Below is the subscription plan offered for Apple TV+:

Apple TV+

One month1 monthRs 99

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Jio Cinema

Jio Cinema emerges as a relatively recent addition to India’s streaming services landscape. Presently, HBO and Warner Bros distribute their content in India via Jio Cinema. Moreover, the app garners popularity due to its provision of free streaming of IPL matches for all Jio users. Below is the subscription plan offered for Jio Cinema:

Jio Cinema

12 months12 monthsRs 999

MX Player

MX Player initially began as a simple video player and subsequently transformed into an OTT platform. It has garnered acclaim for hosting several popular original shows like Bhaukaal and Mastram. Additionally, users can explore a diverse array of movies from Hollywood and other global film industries. Below are the subscription plans offered by MX Player:

MX Player

Quarterly3 monthsRs 100
Annual12 monthsRs 199

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In conclusion, OTT platforms have revolutionized entertainment consumption in India. Offering a plethora of content options, these platforms cater to diverse preferences and viewing habits. In 2024, top OTT services like Disney+ Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Zee5, SonyLIV, Apple TV+, Jio Cinema, and MX Player continue to dominate the market with competitive subscription plans and prices. With a blend of original programming and extensive libraries, these platforms remain essential for audiences seeking high-quality streaming experiences.


Which is the best OTT subscription in India?

The leading OTT bundle subscription in India is Tata Play Binge, offering access to 25+ OTT apps for just Rs. 249 per month. This subscription allows users to enjoy content across 4 devices simultaneously. The collective monthly value of the included OTT apps in Tata Play Binge is estimated to exceed Rs.

Which OTT platform is No 1?

Netflix, an American-based OTT content provider, stands as one of the foremost creators of original content worldwide. Renowned for its vast library of original programming, Netflix holds a significant presence in India as one of the most renowned streaming services available.

Which is the cheapest OTT platform in India?

Among the most affordable OTT platforms in India are Zee5, Sony Liv, VOOT, and Alt Balaji, with Disney+ Hotstar and Netflix following closely. Zee5 and Sony Liv offer lower subscription fees compared to Disney+ Hotstar and Netflix.

Which is better, Amazon or Netflix?

When discussing content, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video exhibit significant differences. Netflix excels in originality, while Amazon Prime Video boasts a vast library of titles. Both platforms have received acclaim for their original movies and TV shows, yet there remains a distinct comparison criteria between them.

What is OTT full form?

The Full Form OTT is over-the-top Platform.

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