Rajasthan 4 Lakh Vacancy News: राजस्थान में 4 लाख पदों पर भर्ती होगी और स्कूल छात्रों को मिलेगा मुफ्त टैबलेट-इंटरनेट

Rajasthan 4 Lakh Vacancy News:- The new Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Shri Bhajanlal Sharma, announced the Rajasthan Budget 2024, which includes several significant initiatives by the Education Department. Presented on 10th July by Rajasthan Finance Minister Diya Kumari, this budget marks the first for the Bhajanlal government. It emphasizes immediate employment generation and offers a comprehensive roadmap for economic development and youth empowerment. Key announcements related to recruitment and education in the Rajasthan Budget 2024 are outlined below.

Rajasthan 4 Lakh Vacancy News

राजस्थान सरकार ने 10 जुलाई को अपना बजट पेश किया, जिसमें वित्त मंत्री दीया कुमारी ने भजनलाल प्रशासन का पहला बजट पेश किया। इस बजट का एक महत्वपूर्ण आकर्षण अगले पांच वर्षों में 4 लाख नई भर्तियों की घोषणा है, जो सभी भारतीयों के लिए खुली हैं। इसके अतिरिक्त, बजट में 10 लाख से अधिक रोजगार के अवसर पैदा करने का वादा किया गया है।

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Rajasthan 4 Lakh Vacancy Overview

Article ForRajasthan 4 Lakh Vacancy News: राजस्थान में 4 लाख पदों पर भर्ती
Rajasthan 4 Lakh VacancyClick Here
Vacancy News4 Lakh
Announced ByFinance Minister Diya Kumari

राजस्थान में 4 लाख पदों पर भर्ती

राजस्थान में वित्त मंत्री दीया कुमारी ने अगले 5 सालों में 4 लाख नई भर्तियों की घोषणा की है। सरकार नई युवा नीति भी पेश करेगी, जिससे 10 लाख से ज़्यादा रोज़गार के अवसर पैदा होंगे। छात्रों के लिए नए इंटर्नशिप कार्यक्रम शुरू किए जाएंगे और 1.5 लाख से ज़्यादा युवाओं को कौशल विकास प्रशिक्षण दिया जाएगा। अटल उद्यम योजना स्टार्टअप के लिए 25 करोड़ रुपये के कार्यक्रम के साथ युवा उद्यमिता का समर्थन करेगी। इसके अलावा, कॉलेजों में 20 करोड़ रुपये के बजट के साथ एक व्यावसायिक शिक्षा कार्यक्रम चलाया जाएगा।

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रोडवेज में भर्ती की घोषणा

Rajasthan Roadways plans to acquire 500 new buses and 300 electric buses, with an additional 800 buses to be leased. Modern bus stands will be developed in 10 districts, including Ajmer, Kota, Bharatpur, and Udaipur. The budget includes the announcement of recruiting 1650 employees for Rajasthan Roadways, with notifications expected soon. Electric buses will serve major cities like Bikaner and Udaipur.

स्कूल छात्रों को मिलेगा मुफ्त टैबलेट-इंटरनेट

राजस्थान सरकार ने विश्वविद्यालयों के कुलपतियों का नाम बदलकर “कुलगुरु” कर दिया है। 8वीं, 10वीं और 12वीं कक्षा में बेहतर प्रदर्शन करने वाले छात्रों को टैबलेट और मुफ्त इंटरनेट सुविधा मिलेगी। इसके अलावा, राजस्थान में 20 नए आईटीआई खोले जाएंगे। सब्सिडी वाले छात्रावासों में भोजन भत्ता ₹2500 से बढ़कर ₹3000 हो जाएगा और खिलाड़ियों के लिए भत्ता ₹4000 हो जाएगा।

पर्यावरणीय स्थिरता को बढ़ावा देने के लिए, “हरियालो राजस्थान अभियान” शुरू किया जाएगा, जिसमें पहल का समर्थन करने के लिए 2000 वन मित्रों की नियुक्ति की जाएगी।

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राजस्थान बजट 2024: भर्तियों और शिक्षा से संबंधित घोषणा

The Rajasthan government has announced plans to provide employment opportunities for over 10 lakh people in both private and government sectors. Key initiatives include:

  • Opening 50 new primary schools and upgrading 100 existing schools with new subjects.
  • Renaming university vice chancellors to “Gurukul.”
  • Recruiting for 4 lakh posts over 5 years, with 1 lakh recruits each year, including:
    • 1650 posts in roadways
    • 5500 posts in the police department
    • 1500 posts for doctors
    • 4000 posts for nursing staff
  • Establishing 20 new ITIs in the state.
  • Providing free tablets and internet service to students in classes 8, 10, and 12.
  • Increasing the mess allowance for athletes to ₹4000 and from ₹2500 to ₹3000 in all subsidized hostels.
  • Launching new internship programs and skill development training for students.
  • Introducing the Atal Aadmi Yojana for youth, with a special ₹25 crore program for startups and a ₹20 crore business innovation program in colleges.
  • Opening Balika Sainik Schools in divisions to recruit girls into police forces.
  • Providing milk to Anganwadi children for 3 days a week and opening five new Anganwadis in every assembly.
  • Setting up libraries and WiFi connections in urban areas at a cost of ₹150 crore.
  • Developing library and toilet facilities and basic amenities in schools at a cost of ₹350 crore.

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In conclusion, Rajasthan’s budget for 2024 outlines ambitious plans across education, employment, infrastructure, and transportation. Key highlights include significant investments in school expansion, employment opportunities exceeding 10 lakh, and extensive upgrades to transportation with new buses and modern facilities. The introduction of electric buses signals a move towards sustainable urban transport. With robust initiatives in youth development, social welfare, and healthcare, the budget aims to foster inclusive growth and development across the state, addressing both immediate needs and long-term sustainability goals.

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What are the key highlights of Rajasthan's 2024 budget?

The budget focuses on education expansion, employment generation, infrastructure development, and enhancing youth and social welfare programs.

How many job opportunities does the budget aim to create?

The budget targets creating over 10 lakh job opportunities across various sectors including roadways, police, healthcare, and education.

What transportation improvements are included in the budget?

The budget includes acquiring 500 buses, 300 electric buses, and modernizing bus stands in 10 districts. Electric buses will also operate in major cities.

How is the budget addressing infrastructure development?

It focuses on establishing 20 new ITIs, enhancing urban amenities like libraries and WiFi, and developing basic facilities in schools across the state.

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