Intraday Trading: How To Do, Strategies, Tips, Benefits, and Risks

Intraday Trading- Intraday Trading is the practice of buying and selling securities listed on the stock market within the same day. This form of trading is primarily used to realize capital gains on acquired securities and to mitigate the risks associated with holding investments over a longer period. Although Intraday Trading can be hectic, as … Read more

OTT Full Form and Top OTT Platforms in India 2024: Plans, Prices, and Best Streaming Services

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Ramadan Calendar 2024: Sehri and Iftar Timings in India

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Holiday Lists 2024: Restricted Holiday, Gazetted Holiday, Bank Holidays, State Wise

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Rajasthan PTET 2024: Notification, Exam Date, Syllabus & More

Rajasthan PTET 2024:- Rajasthan Pre Teacher Education Test (PTET) is a crucial examination for aspiring teachers in the state of Rajasthan, India. Conducted by the Government Dungar College, Bikaner, PTET serves as the gateway for admission into various teacher training programs across Rajasthan. For the year 2024, aspiring educators are eagerly awaiting the PTET notification, … Read more